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I feel as if I have been waiting atop the ocean in our boat for shark predation season to begin for such a long time and finally I can say it has arrived! For many a week now we have talked about the arrival of peak season (okay, make that many a month) and every time we have had a storm system pushing through the bay the crew have commented to one another that 'this will be the storm, this is the one that will switch the sharks on to predatory mode'. And every time it hasn't happened we have looked forward to the next storm and how that will be the one. It is fair to say I have been scanning the horizon every sunrise for signs that the sharks have begun hunting and, call me overenthusiastic, but I have been much like a child waiting for Christmas to begin.

Dear Shark Lovers

Greetings from an absolutely incredible month at Seal Island and probably our best month of June in our Seal Island history. It certainly does not get better than up to 20 meters water visibility, high numbers of sharks around the boat, and the onset of the predation activity for 2014…

Shark cage diving is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the ocean's most fascinating predator. The great white shark is a powerhouse of evolution and viewing it in its natural habitat is hugely exciting. But where should you go? More than one country offers the experience, but we've narrowed your selection down to three. Here they are.

It has been a wonderful two weeks at Seal Island with such settled weather recently. We have been fortunate to have a number of days at the island with stunningly clear blue water – which has given us visibility of up to 15m at times! I have really enjoyed being able to see the reef below us and watch the behaviours of the white sharks as they have interacted with one another around the boat.

Dear Shark Lovers,
As I sit here writing about our May shark experiences yet another big winter storm is rolling in signalling that our late summer I was so enjoying has definitely come to an end!

This past May has been one of our best for great white shark sightings in the past 5 years at least and I look forward to telling you all about it.

We have had some great days at sea this week and the sharks are really starting to pick up pace as we approach peak season. In fact some of the sharks have been exceptionally lively recently. More on that in a moment...The sunrises have also been spectacular, which is one of the reasons I really enjoy this time of year.

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