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Dear Shark Lovers

I must have jinxed Seal Island when I wrote about having our best June ever! In future I think I shall be very careful about being over excited as this July has certainly had its up's and down's and perhaps one of our slowest July's in our history. As I often say…. There is no such thing as a shark expert!

Apex Shark Expeditions has a long and rich history of collaborating with nature programs and documentaries on the magnificence of sharks. Thanks to Shark Week, there has been a renewed interest in the mysterious and alluring creatures that rule the ocean with strength and agility.

There's no more iconic image from more than 25 years of Shark Week than that of Air Jaws, a great white shark leaping out of the water with prey clutched in its gaping mouth. Chris Fallows, along with a colleague, is the one who discovered this behavior and, once again, is front and center in Air Jaws: Fin of Fury. Yahoo TV spoke with Fallows — who has been a part of 15 major Shark Week documentaries — about his work, the perception of sharks around the world, and just what would possess someone to get that close to a shark that big in a cage that small.

Just across the Foveaux Strait which separates New Zealand’s South Island from the much smaller Stewart Island lies a tiny group of islands known as the Titi (mutton bird or Sooty Shearwater) islands and amongst these is Edwards island. Why this island is such a hot spot for great whites is hard to tell as many NZ islands have seals freckled along their shores and the East coast of the South Island is home to thousands of seals.

There is nothing quite like a morning at sea to refresh yourself and feel at ease with life, even if you don’t see a single shark. Even if it is cold before sunrise, cloudy, damp and wintery as you huddle up in woolly hats and thick jackets. There is still nothing quite like a morning at sea in False Bay to remind you of the beauty of nature and it is impossible not to smile during our trips. One of our guests reminded me today ‘every single trip contains something wonderful’ and I couldn’t agree more.

I feel as if I have been waiting atop the ocean in our boat for shark predation season to begin for such a long time and finally I can say it has arrived! For many a week now we have talked about the arrival of peak season (okay, make that many a month) and every time we have had a storm system pushing through the bay the crew have commented to one another that 'this will be the storm, this is the one that will switch the sharks on to predatory mode'. And every time it hasn't happened we have looked forward to the next storm and how that will be the one. It is fair to say I have been scanning the horizon every sunrise for signs that the sharks have begun hunting and, call me overenthusiastic, but I have been much like a child waiting for Christmas to begin.

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