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Apex Shark Expeditions | Shark Cage Diving

The ethos behind our business is based very firmly on our love for the wildlife we encounter. Our staff, like us, are equally passionate and that is why they work for our company. Chris has worked with sharks and other wildlife on an almost daily basis since 1989 when he started a shark tagging project with local subsistence fishermen in our area. In 199f6 Chris researched Seal Island False Bay as a possible shark cage diving eco-tourism location and incidentally discovered, with his friend Rob, the now famous breaching shark behaviour seen on the many documentaries we have facilitated, worked on or presented. We have been here ever since favouring this location above all others.

Nearly 40% of our clientele are return guests.  A large percentage of our guests being long stay guests, participating in 7-10 day expeditions led by some of the world’s most respected shark scientists and field biologists. This gives aspiring biologists, keen naturalists or just those with a passion for nature, a great opportunity to really experience these animals holistically.

Apex’s knowledge of wildlife photography is well known and Chris’s work has been seen in most mainstream newspapers and magazines globally. As such our ability and that of our crew allows any photographers, amateur and professional alike to be in the best possible position for light and the action without compromising the animals. This is why Apex has been the first choice for many of the world’s top wildlife photographers and film crews.

BBC’s Planet Earth, Discovery Channels Air Jaws 1, 2, Ultimate Air Jaws and Air Jaws Apocalypse, Various National Geographic shows, 60 minutes and nearly 40 other documentaries have all been exclusively or in part facilitated by Apex Shark Expeditions.

Both Monique and Chris actively go to sea whenever possible. They have done this for the past 16 years in False Bay alone, not because they have to, but because their passion for marine wildlife is unparalleled.

False Bay truly is a very special place and it is a privilege to do what we do. Based on this it is our aim that above all your shark cage diving trip is one in which you will come away with an appreciation for the wildlife we are fortunate to encounter. Whilst the sharks are our primary focus we adopt an eco-system style of approach to our trips much like going on an African safari, so all marine wildlife is observed and appreciated to give you a more complete experience.

Seeing the Great White Shark is and should be a highlight in anyone’s life. As such we believe that this experience should not be rushed and you should have the opportunity to really take in the majesty of the animal. Consequently, our shark cage diving trips are longer than any other operators with the smallest group sizes in the industry. Weather conditions and shark behavior can be unpredictable, so shark sightings are not always guaranteed. However, we will try our best to offer you the best possible chance to see these creatures.