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Great White


Take a trip through shark alley

Shark diving in Gansbaai

Gansbaai is located just 2 hours from Cape Town and Great White Shark cage diving trips are offered throughout the year. The waters off of Dyer Island in Gansbaai are aptly named Shark Alley and are known for their exceptional Great White Shark populations. The sharks are attracted by the massive 60 000-strong Cape Fur Seal colony which inhabits the smaller island of Geyser Rock.

Other wildlife species such as Cape Gannets, Cape Cormorants, African Penguins, whales and dolphins are also likely to be sighted. 

*Please note: It is best to book shark cage diving trips in False Bay during February to September. False Bay is out of season from October to January and we will assist you in booking a Gansbaai trip during these months. We book our guests on these great white tours with our sister operator at no extra cost. 

Read Monique's blog on Summer Cage diving in Gansbaai.


QUICK info

  • All year round:

    Shark cage diving and surface viewing.

  • Meeting:

    Exact time confirmed the day before the trip and is based on weather and tides.

  • Transfers:

    Door to door transfers arranged upon request.

  • Duration:

    3 to 4 hours at sea based on sea conditions and shark activity.

  • Guests:

    Minimum 20 guests. Maximum 35 guests.

  • Cage size:

    Minimum 5 divers. Maximum 8 divers. No experience required. Cage time is dependant on shark activity and sea conditions.

  • Trip includes:

    Breakfast / brunch, presentation, dive gear, light meal on board, snacks & refreshments. 

The Boat

The boat is the first of its kind. Designed specifically for shark cage diving, she is built for stability, speed, safety and comfort. The vessel can comfortably accommodate 40 passengers however trips are usually limited to 35 plus crew.

Facilities include designated toilets for males and females, a staircase on either side of the boat provides easy access and a smooth flow of traffic to the upper viewing deck. A canvas dressing cubicle for guests who prefer privacy. (Upon request)



The Cage

A securely designed steel cage is used, which floats on the surface, with divers no more than 1m below the surface. The cage accommodates 7 -8 guests on a rotational basis. All dives are breath-hold which is comfortable and safe - NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!



Surface Viewing 

White sharks are surface feeders, providing brilliant surface viewing from the safety of the shark-viewing deck of the boat. For those not wanting to get in the cage, you will still get to see this amazing animal up close and personal. The price is the same for diving and surface viewing.

Shark Guarantee: A discount for no shark sightings.



Please note:

Wildlife sightings cannot be guaranteed.

We will however, give you realistic expectations before making a booking

Bookings are essential as space is limited.

All payment is to be made in South African Rand. We require credit card details to secure a booking.


Great White


Take a trip through shark alley

Great White Shark – Gansbaai Itinerary

The focus of this trip is cage diving and surface viewing. It is highly unlikely to see breaching or hunting behaviour in this location.Your trip  is hosted by a marine biologist and other experienced and well trained guides ensuring an educational experience.

All itinerary times are subject to change and are based on tides, weather and sea conditions and how many departures are scheduled for the day.


Meet and greet:

As times are dependent on tide and weather conditions, the meeting can be as early as 06H00 or as late as 14H00. Exact times will be confirmed with you late afternoon the day before your trip.

Given the travel times, this is a full day activity.

1 Hour

Breakfast / brunch and an informative talk on the sharks and area.



Spend 3 to 4 hours at sea depending on shark activity and sea conditions. All dives are breath-hold which is comfortable and safe. This is common practice among Gansbaai shark cage diving operators.


The secure steel cage floats on the surface and accommodates 8 divers easily. Divers are no more than 1 metre below the surface when submerged.

During the cage diving activity, divers will be supervised by a Dive Master.


Return to shore:

Tea  /coffee /soup & sandwiches will be served whilst you watch the DVD of your trip. A highly experienced underwater videographer accompanies you on your trip. Your shark cage diving trip in Gansbaai will be captured on a video and a link will be made available to you after the tour at a minimal cost.


Arrive in Cape Town (This is dependant on the launch time).

Trip includes:

  • Breakfast
  • Light lunch, fresh fruit, snacks, hot chocolate and soft drinks on board.
  • All dive gear excluding snorkel (wetsuit, booties, hoody, mask, weight-belt).
  • Towels.
  • Waterproof / windproof jackets.
  • A voucher to visit again should you not see any sharks.

Great White


Take a trip through shark alley

When to see what

Gansbaai's Great White trips operate year round, however we’d advise booking False Bay shark tours between the months of February to September as False Bay is closer to Cape Town and offers the chance to cage dive and see other unique predatory behaviour. From October to January, False Bay is out of season for Great White viewing and shark cage diving, and as such, we facilitate the booking of your shark trip in Gansbaai.

There are 8 other operators in this area and choosing the best company can be confusing. This is where we can assist you. There is no extra charge for us to book you on this great white tour and this means that you will be going with a reputable operation that offers an environmentally friendly and educational experience.

For more information on the area, read Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai.


Apex offers the smallest group size (12) of any shark cage diving vessel in South Africa. Book a transfer and receive a 10 minute free visit to the African Penguins at Boulders.