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False Bay - February to September

Cage Size:
  7:00 to 12:30 – Breaching, shark cage diving and natural predation.
13:00 to 17:00 – Shark cage diving and breaching on the decoy.
Simon's Town – 45 minutes from Cape Town – transfers arranged.
12 guests per trip – intimate and personal.
2 divers per 20 to 30 minutes dive time. No experience required.
Passionate crew, educational booklet, dive gear, light meal, snacks & refreshments.


Apex Shark Expeditions offers the most personalised Great White shark cage diving in South Africa. We offer day trips as well as special tailored five and ten day packages for shark cage diving in Cape Town, for serious shark or nature enthusiasts wanting to have an educational and possibly life-changing experience by seeing various components of the White shark’s life and eco-system.


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We cater for exclusive trips, group bookings, natural history filming or commercials, research projects and team building. Whatever your requirements, we will arrange a package to suit your needs.


Exclusive Trips & Group Bookings

Book our 36ft catamaran for a private excursion to see the Great White sharks. Our vessel, White Pointer, is licenced to take 12 guests comfortably. The exclusive charter of our vessel or a group size of 10 means we are able to cater to your personal needs.


Natural History Filming &  Commercials

We are the first choice company of Discovery, Animal Planet and Nat.Geo channels for the filming of natural history documentaries. Our crew have worked with over 50 international documentary film crews. Our vessel is a custom built photographic vessel allowing film crews 360 degree walk around opportunities, as well as a fly bridge for alternate angles. For more info: Chris Fallows Documentaries

Photographic Trips

False Bay truly is an incredible place to see amazing marine wildlife, and for photographers, an opportunity almost without equal. Our vessel has been built for photographers and our crew have an excellent idea of what photographers needs are, but more importantly specialise in knowing where to expect and recognise certain behaviour before it happens. We always put the wildlife first so any photographer who places an emphasis on shooting ethics will be happy to know this.


We use our knowledge of photography to place photographers in the best spot to shoot the action with the best light whilst not interfering with the outcome.


Photographic Opportunities include:

  • Breaching, predating and underwater shots of Great White sharks at Seal Island.
  • Up close opportunities with Cape Fur Seals. We can get within a few meters of Seal Islands 64 000 Cape Fur seals and guests can get great shots of this spectacle.
  • Dolphin and Brydes whale action (usually March to May). Follow one of the dolphin schools for a few hours to witness them feed on bait fish as well as have the dolphins interact with our vessel whilst bow riding or breaching during hunting. These schools can get to be as large as 1000 + so this is an amazing spectacle. If we are lucky we might see them joined by a Brydes whale on a bait ball feeding event. This certainly does not happen every day but is a distinct possibility in May.
  • Gannet diving action. Throughout False Bay during March to May 100's and sometimes 1000's of gannets follow the bait fish and often engage in spectacular aerial assaults on these schools of fish allowing us to get up close amongst this action.
  • Very small chance to see orca's hunting dolphin in False Bay. We have seen this in 2009, 2010, and 6 times in 2012, virtually always in May.
  • Southern Right whales (August to November)
  • An offshore day to go and film the pelagic open ocean birds off Cape Point, that includes a very good chance to see 4 species of Albatros from very close distances as well as a mass of other bird life. This is an incredible opportunity to get close to these birds, as well as shooting spectacular scenery off Cape Point from the water.
  • African penguin colony land based. Photographers can get up close to the penguins and get images of these birds amongst beautifully rounded boulders at the Boulders Beach Penguin Colony.
  • Scenic tour to Cape Point Nature Reserve and the chance to shoot landscape images. We can also include a workshop with a local landscape photo expert. This would include shooting techniques as well as workflow processing skills after the shoot.

The exclusive charter of the vessel or a group size of 10 means we are flexible to do the great white sharks, dolphins, whales, seabirds and general photo safaris as well as spending time on whatever was the most spectacular on any given day rather than being scheduled to go and do whatever we had running at the time. If you would like to simply slot in with what we have going that is also fine but these will be shark focused groups and we cannot follow other wildlife in the same way we would as with a specialised group.
Contact us for prices and additional information.

Apex Shark Expeditions offers a range of shark cage diving trips in Cape Town, including the following:

Great White Trips: February to September

This is the peak time to see Great Whites in South Africa. We offer morning and afternoon trips to Seal Island, where you can see the famous  Great White sharks of False Bay as well as shark cage diving all in one trip.