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Shark Information

Whether you would like to learn more about shark cage diving, or you are seeking resources on specific shark species, Apex Shark Expeditions offers a range of information on sharks and marine life. For nature fans wanting to expand their knowledge, students seeking information for assignments or those who simply have an interest in sharks and the many other species that share their underwater world, our information guides give you everything you ever wish to know about sharks, shark cage diving, dolphins, whales, pelagic birds, game fish and so much more.


Learn more about Bull sharks, the world-famous breaching Great White sharks, shark cage diving and how it works, shark photography and a host of other shark related information. Our guides give you comprehensive information on a host of shark topics, so that you can learn more about these fascinating and often misjudged citizens of the ocean. Complete with beautiful images from the Chris Fallows photography galleries, these information guides are the ultimate resource for anyone with a passion for sharks.

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Cage Diving with the Sharks

Shark Photography

Breaching Great White Shark

Mako Sharks

Blue Sharks

Bull Sharks

Dolphins, Whales and Game Fish

While sharks play the biggest role at Apex, there are a number of other marine species inhabiting our rich coastlines in South Africa. Here is where you can discover everything you wish to know about a range of marine animals including dolphins, whales and game fish. To access the guides, simply choose the animal that you wish to learn more about, and click the link to open the information page.

Game Fish

Whales and Dolphins

Pelagic Birds

Sea birds play a key role in marine balance, and bird watchers continuously return to the Cape coastline to view the wide array of pelagic species that can be found within the area. These range from the ever-present seagulls to albatross’, shearwaters and petrels to name but a few. To learn more about South Africa’s pelagic birds, read our handy information guide below.

Pelagic Birds


To learn more about shark species from Mako Sharks to Great White sharks, Bull Sharks or Blue sharks; use our comprehensive information guides and broaden your knowledge.