Shark Free Chips


SHARKFREECHIPS CAMPAIGN IS LAUNCHED. In the last few years, a small group of dedicated conservationists have sounded the alarm repeatedly that South Africa’s smoothhound and soupfin shark populations are collapsing. The reason is this: A fishery by the name of Demersal Shark Longlining (DSL) that has been working along our coastline has been overfishing these […]

Tiger Beach and Bimini, Bahamas


February 2017 Back in 2002, Chris and I spent our honeymoon shark diving on a liveaboard dive boat in the Bahamas. 15 years ago the shark dive operators here were just starting to become successful in finding, and scuba diving with Great Hammerheads and Tiger Sharks. We had a great experience diving with one of […]

Sharks of Southern Africa, 2016


Now in its fourteenth year, the 2016 Sharks of Southern Africa expedition once again delivered its share of various shark species, marine mega fauna and the excitement of each day’s unexpected surprises. The weather for this year’s expedition was exceptional, with only 2 out of 11 days lost to wind or swell. Water conditions varied dramatically, with […]