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At Apex Shark Expeditions we want to improve people’s understanding of sharks. Our expertise and professionalism have allowed us to facilitate, and even host, many well-known shark documentaries over the years. These include: Discovery Channel’s Air Jaws 1 & 2; Ultimate Air Jaws; Air Jaws Apocalypse; Air Jaws: Fin of Fury, BBC Planet Earth’s Great White Shark segment and National Geographic’s JAWS – 25 Year Anniversary.

Mako Shark by Chris Fallows

In addition to being one of the world’s leading authorities on Great White Sharks, Chris is a professional wildlife photographer and his photographs have been published in media around the world.

Chris has delivered over 200 lectures to students and the world's most influential specialists alike. It is Chris’s belief that the only way people develop a love for, and a need to conserve wildlife, is through exposure to it. To this end Chris shares his images and experiences with his audiences, inspiring them to experience the wonders of nature for themselves. 

His book, 'Great White, The Majesty of Sharks', chronicles his journey as a shark enthusiast and has to date sold in excess of 25 000 copies.

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What makes apex shark expeditions special?

Our dedicated team love what they do. It’s their passion and expertise that makes each expedition a personal and highly rewarding one. Our approach to our Great White shark expeditions showcases both the sharks and the environment in which they live, offering guests a deeper understanding of these magnificent animals. The high rate of guests that return each year tells us that we’re doing it right.

Chris Fallows Apex Shark Expeditions Staff
Chris Fallows

Chris has worked with sharks since commercial shark cage diving began in South Africa in 1992. His passion and knowledge about these animals is second to none. He is a qualified commercial skipper, experienced tour guide, dive master and is level 3 first aid trained. In addition he is a well-known personality in marine wildlife documentary circles, having hosted and appeared in many to date. 

Monique Fallows Apex Shark Expeditions Staff
Monique Fallows

Monique has a host of experience working with Great White Sharks after co-founding Apex Shark Expeditions in 2000. She thrives on learning the unique personalities of the sharks that regularly visit Seal Island and sharing her experiences and knowledge with guests. Monique is a qualified skipper, registered tour guide, competent open water diver and is level 3 first aid trained.

Karyn Cooper Apex Shark Expeditions General Manager
Karyn Cooper

Karyn, the General Manager has been with Apex for 10 years.  Her portfolio includes marketing, product development and steering the company to greater heights.



Renee Barnard Apex Shark Expeditions Staff
Renee Barnard

Renee is the Office and Accounts Manager in our Simon’s Town shop. She is an absolute professional and goes out of her way to ensure that our guests feel welcome and settled. Renee often helps guests make the most of their Cape Town visit by recommending and booking other interesting activities. 

Ryan Miller
Talishia Langenhoven

Talishia is always very happy and grew up in and next to the ocean. She has always had a lot of love for animals but marine animals became her life. She closely worked with whales, sharks and many other species, learning from different marine biologists, marine-activists and seafarers as she went.

She dedicated 8 months to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in 2009/10 where she helped protect all marine life. Those 8 months opened her eyes and she became more determined to doing more towards saving our oceans and all the beauty it holds.

With Apex Shark Expeditions she has been able to grow in her trade and has since gotten her skippers ticket and working her way up to become the standby skipper which would then make her the first female skipper in the Shark Cage Diving industry.

With the help of her fellow crew members and her 11 years of experience she will go out of her way to make your trip enjoyable and memorable while educating at the same time. 


Bernie Ward Apex Shark Expeditions Staff
Bernie Ward

Bernie assists in the daily office duties. An avid nature-lover, she is very keen on conservation and her professional demeanour ensures that our guests are well taken care of.

Bongani Makati Apex shark expeditions staff
Bongani Makati

Bongani has been with Apex for 3 years as a deckhand and shark handler. He is a registered White Shark Cage Diving guide and has passed his emergency first responder and fire fighting courses.

Lunga Makunga
Lunga Makunga

Lunga is in his fifth season which means he brings loads of experience with the Great Whites of False Bay. He has a sparkling upbeat personality and is a qualified Great White Shark Cage Diving guide and a First Aid Emergency responder. His big smile and his willingness to assist our guests in whichever way they need is truly impressive.

Tayla Cooper
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