Far-Reaching Effects on Shark Acoustic Tagging

Shark CageDiving May 2018

We recently came across this interesting article that highlights the significant effects of the use of acoustic tagging. The fact that the seals seem to have honed in on these tags so readily does lead to the question of how much detrimental effect tags will have on a shark’s predation success rate. This is especially […]

Great White Shark Versus Seal or Seal versus Shark?

Great White Shark Versus Seal or Seal versus Shark?

One species you are guaranteed sightings of every single trip to Seal Island, South Africa, are of course the seals themselves. When approaching Seal Island, the sight (and smell!) of 65,000 of these curious pinnipeds clinging to a rock amazingly is something many take for granted. Ok, It’s true that the Discovery Channel doesn’t feature a […]

Top Tips on Shark Photography by Chris Fallows

Top Tips on Shark Photography

Most people think that when you go and photograph marine wildlife you need to get wet. Well in many cases this is not true, especially off the coast in False Bay in Cape Town, South Africa. The beauty about shooting in the bay is that many of the spectacular photographic opportunities that are seen are […]

What’s in a Name? Seal Island, False Bay.

The Cape Of Good Hope

The History of Cape Point and False Bay begins in 1488 when the Cape of Good Hope was named “The Cape of Storms” by the first European to reach the Cape; a Portuguese explorer named Bartolomeu Dias. Later on, John II of Portugal called it the Cape of Good Hope, as it was the first […]

Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai

Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai

Gansbaai, two hours outside of Cape Town is an embayment on the South West coast of the Western Cape. The water temperature varies from 12 – 20 degrees celsius, and the water visibility on average is  6 – 8 meters, increasing up to 12 – 15 meters on a good day and down to 1 – […]

Shark Cage Diving with Mako and Blue Sharks

Blue Shark Cape Point South Africa

Any dive with sharks in the deep blue sea is an incredible adventure and an extremely spectacular experience that will never be forgotten. Our company offers cage diving with the remarkable Great White sharks at Seal Island, Cape Town as well as scuba diving with magnificent Blue and Mako sharks in the deep. If you are an […]

Great White Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai

Shark Cage Divers

The day had arrived for me to experience cage diving in the Capital of Great White shark hotspots in the world; Gansbaai. I had had the privilege of already cage diving twice in False Bay, and having heard so much about the Gansbaai area and its sharks, I was more than eager to finally put a picture […]

The Start of Great White Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

Great White Shark Aerial View

The South African Great White shark viewing and research industry first started in the late 1980s. The often unsung pioneers were PJ van der Walt and George Askew. With very limited success working in the summer months in the Macassar area of False Bay, they then moved to Walker Bay off Hermanus with far greater […]

Shark Cage Diving Cape Town March 2018

Shark Cage Diving Cape Town March 2018

Of most importance are the distressing news regarding the severe overfishing, and collapse of the Smoothhound and Soup fin shark populations by the hands of the demersal inshore longline fishery taking place along our South African coast. I hope that you will find the time to read about this as well as share the information with interested […]

Shark Cage Diving May 2018

Shark CageDiving May 2018

 Seal Island, False Bay Cage Diving Yes, you may have already guessed but we have finally had the first Great white shark sightings of the season at Seal Island just a few days ago. After an anxious wait it was pure joy to see a great white shark up close around the boat and I […]