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written by Kevin Jorgensen

Posted on Monday, 13 August 2018

Thank you Renee!  I can't tell you how impressed I was with APEX Shark Expeditions!  Everyone was so very nice and accommodating.  I always felt welcome whenever I was in the office.  All questions were welcomed and answered, any issues that came up were explained and handled with clarity.  Chris and Monique were always looking to provide the most of our experience.  I commented to them both how impressed and thankful I was with how they provided such a naturalist approach to this expedition.  It wasn't just about the sharks but about the marine and terrestrial ecosystems, the African culture and people, and the country itself.  I just wish I could remember all the names of the birds, plants, trees, and shrubs I have pictures of!


Again, thank you for making this such a wonderful and memorable experience.  I definitely need to start planning a return trip!


Wishing you and everyone a wonderful spring and summer!



Kevin Jorgensen


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Shark Sightings Cape Town - Between 3- 5 Sevengill Sharks per trip. Maximum 12 guests. Book a transfer and get a 10 minute COMPLIMENTARY visit to the African Penguins at Boulders.

LATEST SHARK SIGHTINGS 23 January - GANSBAAI 15 Copper sharks, 10 meter water clarity & a water temp of 12.5 C III CAPE TOWN No trip today. There is a trip tomorrow with space available . Prior to this 4 Copper shark, Great water clarity at 5 meters with a balmy water temp of 19.9 C III MOSSEL BAY - No sharks. |