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Current Sightings

29 July 2019

written by Karyn Cooper

Posted on Monday, 29 July 2019

False Bay ( 45 minutes from Cape Town, half day trip)


This location has enjoyed good sightings of Cow sharks at Seal Island in 4- 5 meter water visibility on the last 4 trips these past two days. This bodes well for shark cage diving trips going forward. The water temp is a cool 13,5 degrees but nothing the warm wetsuits can't handle. The bay is alive with marinelife and some guests have had the pleasure of witnessing breaching Humpback whales. 


Gansbaai ( 2 1/2 hours from Cape Town, full day trip due to travel times)


This location continues to rock with good sightings of Great White sharks. The water visbility is limited to +- 1 meter due to the inshore working conditions and the water temp is between 14 - 15 degrees.


Mossel Bay ( 5 hours from Cape Town, full day due to travel times)


Good sightings with between 5 - 8 different Great White sharks per trip. The water visibility is between 2- 3 meters and the water temp is much the same as Gansbaai sitting at +- 15 degrees.



Tomorrow ( 30th ) 4,5 and 6th August. This can change.




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