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Once in a lifetime experience

written by Ash Forsyth

Posted on Friday, 12 April 2019

This really was a dream come true - seeing sharks so close was a truely once in a lifetime experience. We saw 7 different cow sharks along with a few huge rays and not to mention a pod of 1000+ dolphins on our way out to Seal Island. The crew were all super friendly and engaging with everyone and really made for a great trip.

Four of us got to spend 45+ minutes in the water, as most of the group either didn't want to go in or only went in for one round and didn't go back in for a second turn. Regardless, everyone had lots of opportunity to spend time in the water and honestly watching from on the boat is pretty great too as it's a completely different perspective. We were the only boat out at Seal Island that morning, although another did turn up as we were leaving. 

If you're expecting to see Great Whites, read the details on their website carefully and plan your timing. I read some reviews on here complaining about not seeing a Great White, but Apex do a great job of explaining the details on their website. Regardless, the cow sharks we saw were amazing.


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