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Thank you for a wonderful day and great memories

written by Allyson duLac

Posted on Monday, 1 July 2019

Good morning. On June 15,2019, we were guests on your morning shark cage dive. Upon return to the dock, we had friends waiting to pick us up for lunch and did not stop by the dive shop for coffee and snacks. However, I did not want time to pass without thanking you so much for the tour. 


We were a party of four with our young son, 9 years old. It was - hands down - the highlight of his trip to South Africa. We wanted to thank you again for letting him dive to see the sharks up close and personal. We were so impressed with the professionalism of your staff and how accommodating and friendly they were. Had they not been, our son would not have wanted to go in - nor would we have let him if we did not have the confidence that your staff was very well-trained and capable. If not for them, he would have missed out on a great opportunity! 


Thank you again for a wonderful day and great memories.



Allyson duLac 


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