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Great White Shark News

April News

written by Fiona McLellan

A Great White shark up close around Seal Island, False Bay

Posted on Sunday, 26 April 2015

End of March heading into April was a trying time for the Apex Team, as many of our trips were unfortunately cancelled due to strong wind and unfavourable conditions in False Bay. After completion of my Zoological practical for my BSc degree, I was delighted to be welcomed back to Seal Island with a week of great weather; very little wind and flat seas.


Shark activity around the boat had increased, and guests were enjoying superb viewing from the cage as well as on board, due to the horizontal visibility being 3-4 metres. There has been a new shark spotted over the last month, a 3.5m male we have named “Jigsaw”, due to his severely jagged dorsal fin. He has been very interactive around the boat giving our guests the opportunity to see him from all angles. 


We are still witnessing a few scavenge events on the young Cape Fur seals (Great White’s feeding on sick or injured seals) around the northern end of Seal Island. The surrounding environment and cycle of life, however, is slowly changing towards active predation time, with the sharks showing the first signs of gearing up towards predatory mode. I say this as we have seen our first few breaches of the season! It is a spectacular sight to see a Great White shark launch itself out of the water, and it is this behaviour that has made Seal Island world famous. Soon the young of the year Cape Fur seals will leave the island for the first time to feed, and we will be on the lookout for our first predations of the season. 

I say this as we have seen our first few breaches of the season!


Great White Shark, Seal Island - False Bay

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