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Current Sightings

Confused about the Current Shark Situation?

written by Chris Fallows

Posted on Saturday, 12 October 2019

Current Shark Situation/Sightings October 2019.

 There has been much news lately about massive decreases in shark sightings at the shark cage diving areas in the Southern Cape. These declines have only been applicable to Great White Shark sightings which have undoubtedly been down or very erratic. In all three areas however there have been excellent sharks sightings of various other species and occasional great white sightings in Gansbaai and good sightings of great whites in Mossel Bay.

In False Bay, Simon's Town we are still seeing sharks of one or another species on 90% of all of our trips.

In Gansbaai sharks of one or another species are being seen on 95% of all trips with 1 or more great whites being seen on 70 % of all trips presently.

In Mossel Bay 1 or more great whites are being seen on 90% of all trips.

 In False Bay Sightings of 7 gill sharks are generally excellent with the sharks being interactive, coming close to cages and are generally very inquisitive. Guests are loving these close encounters, coupled with all the other wildlife viewing opportunities as well as many other famous attractions close by being enjoyed.



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Shark Sightings Cape Town - Between 3- 5 Sevengill Sharks per trip. Maximum 12 guests. Book a transfer and get a 10 minute COMPLIMENTARY visit to the African Penguins at Boulders.

LATEST SHARK SIGHTINGS 22 January - GANSBAAI 15 Copper sharks, 10 meter water clarity & a water temp of 12.5 C III CAPE TOWN No trip today nor tomorrow. Prior to this 4 Copper shark, Great water clarity at 5 meters with a balmy water temp of 19.9 C III MOSSEL BAY - No sharks. |