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Ragged Tooth Sharks & Baby Hammerheads

written by Monique Fallows

A Ragged Tooth shark on the East Coast.

Posted on Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Most summers Apex runs an expedition called Sharks of Southern Africa. This expedition focuses on finding and diving with as many different shark species as possible. On this expedition we have a spot up our East coast where we dive in a Smooth Hammerhead pup nursery and we also find bronze whalers sharks and ragged tooth sharks in shallow areas.

Just last week there was great weather predicted so Chris along with a few friends decided to spend 4 days here.

I sometimes have to spend time in the office so unfortunately I could not join them, but even though I was a touch jealous (!) I was thrilled that they got to have such a great time.

The sea temperature was very warm, 23C. Chris recons that on each day upwards of 100 smooth hammerhead pup were spotted cruising on the surface. This is the most we have ever seen in this area, so it was very exciting. They can be tricky to dive with as some days they are comfortable coming up to the boat, and then other days, not at all.


On this trip Chris found large numbers of Ragged-tooth sharks in a shallow area so he concentrated almost all his efforts on these dives.

He found upwards of 15 different Raggies at a time, making for an amazing experience.

He found upwards of 15 different Raggies at a time, making for an amazing experience. As they were in shallows areas the reef also provided a great backdrop for great images. The water visibility was also good so he really made the most of the great conditions.

The sharks were 1.5 meters to 2.7 meters in length and were mostly female sharks.

Anyway, I most certainly am not going to say no to the next trip so hopefully I can give you all another report back before the end of our South African summer.


For those of you that want to see a large variety of sharks including mako and blue sharks and the sharks I have just spoken about please consider Sharks of Southern Africa 2015 Expedition


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