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Shark Trip Reviews


written by Sarah Boness

Posted on Wednesday, 18 November 2015

I always read reviews on Tripadvisor but I have never till now felt the need to write one!


Knowing that I wanted to always get in the water with Great White Sharks I started to research the Best location & the Best Cage Diving Operator.

I knew I only wanted to Cage Dive with a Professional Company who had a good reputation for not only keeping me safe but also respectful to the Sharks & all marine life that we may encounter.

Watching Shark Week I came across Chris & Monique Fallows on several programmes & started to look into their Company Apex Shark Expeditions. I also looked at all the others in Simon's Town to make sure I picked the Company that was best for us.

Once I had decided Apex were the ones for us I contacted their office & began to create our holiday round Apex & Cage Diving as this was the sole purpose of our visit to SA.

I spent time emailing Renee & Bernie sorting out availability for 9 months time! Yes you can just go on holiday & go Shark Diving but Apex are so popular & booked up way in advance so don't wait until you get there to book get those dates sorted well in advance like we did.

We had 5 days booked mixture of AM & PM trips but I wish we had booked more to be honest as the weather is the biggest factor here in whether the boat goes out or not! And it may look flat as a pancake in Simon's Town Quayside but believe me when its bad weather Apex do not take any risks even if other trip operators do.

Safety first for guests/clients & crew members alike & as disappointing as it is to be told the trip isn't running respect to Apex who don't take payment if the trip is cancelled due to weather.

So booking more trips allows for cancellations due to bad weather at Seal Island.

The Boat Crew: Jimi, Dave, Fiona, Kirsty, Zola & Lunga made sure us guests/clients are well briefed on safety & the trip ahead.

They work their little socks off to try to get those sharks to come to the boat & even if a boat near by has a shark it doesn't mean the shark will come to you.

There are times of waiting around & sometimes it rains so make sure you have warm clothes & coats with you. Snacks are available on the boat.

Wild life is unpredictable & not guaranteed my friends & yes your on the boat & yes you have paid but shark or no shark the boat needs fuel & the crew need to eat so if a shark doesn't show up don't be grumpy as you have a better chance to see one at Seal Island on the boat than you ever do stood on the Quayside due to bad weather!

If a shark turns up then that's when the magic begins.

Review - So would I recommend Apex Shark Expeditions? I think we most certainly would. They made our visit to Cape Town a holiday of a lifetime.

Awesome graceful creatures & I cried the first time I saw one & every time I saw one after that for the whole time I was on the boat or in the cage it was the most amazing time ever.

Watching from topside is amazing so if you don't want to cage dive then its still so worth going on the trips the crew are so dedicated to telling you all they know about these amazing sharks its an education in its self.

Getting in the cage was what I went for & I was in it like a flash.

Yes can be periods of waiting but when a shark swims past for that first time so peacefully just gliding by looking at the human in the cage its breathe taking & truly amazing to at last be in the water with a Great White Shark albeit that your behind bars.

The boat has the smallest group of guests/clients compared to other originations & less people in the cage as its not on mass production its on the basis of safety & comfort.

On one of our trips we were lucky enough to have Monique Fallows on board & we were able to chat to her about the sharks on a one to one basis due to the small numbers of guests on board.

Yes sorry, I was so excited to be at Seal Island, False Bay to see Great White Sharks & Apex just made my dreams a reality & I thank them dearly for making this happen.

The other great part of Apex is they are a one stop shop if you want them to be as they recommended hotels to stay in & we went for Simon's Town Quayside Hotel which is less than 1 minute from Apex's Office on the Quayside so really handy & well worth a stay.

Apex also organised all our other trips while we were there again these were fitted in in between our shark trips. All transport was arranged using reliable & very friendly tour guides who spend the day explaining the history or the points of interest along the way or when we arrived at our destination.

Thank you Alistair & Melvern for showing us Cape Town & the surrounding attractions such as Table Mountain, Boulders Beach & the cute Penguins, Cape Point not forgetting Safari at Inverdoorn & The Crocodile Farm, hand gliding off a mountain down to Cape Town by the sea & so much more.

Two weeks wasn't enough time to fit everything that Cape Town has to offer & it just means we will have to go back again to do the rest & obviously lots more Shark Cage Diving with Apex.

Professional, Friendly & well run Organisation with staff that go above & beyond the call of duty & they will all stay in our heart forever.

Renee & Bernie in the office are true diamonds & they were there long after office hours making sure us guests/clients were all informed & sorted for the following days trips whether it was cage diving or other trips & ensuring we had the best possible service, comfort & pleasure they could provide.

Apex also organised our other Scuba Diving Trips (diving with seals & cowsharks in the kelp forest, & a wreck dive) with local Dive Centre & a Shark Dive at Cape Town Aquarium.

So we only had one bill to pay at the end of the holiday not lots of different trip organised by lots of different tour operators so for us it just made sense to get Apex to arrange our whole Itinerary for two weeks.

So would I recommend Apex Shark Expeditions?

I think we most certainly would they made our visit to Cape Town a holiday of a lifetime.

We hope to go back again to Quayside Hotel & to Apex Shark Expeditions as we have the Great White Shark bug now!


Sarah & Colin Boness, Bedfordshire, England 


Visited June 2015


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