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written by Kirsty MacSymon

Common dolphins in False Bay by Chris Fallows

Posted on Saturday, 28 February 2015

After a few very quiet days at Seal Island, False Bay, our luck changed for the good after experiencing some of the most incredible wildlife that inhabits False Bay.  

After a bumpy ride in choppy conditions towards Seal Island, we came across a Brydes whale Balaenoptera edeni, which is a semi resident whale in False Bay and are seen in areas where bait fish occur such as sardines and anchovies. They are known to lunge feed on these small fish. 

Arriving at the island we noticed a big flock of Cape Gannets circling above a pod of around 300 common dolphins Delphinus capenis. The dolphins create a bait ball by pushing the small fish to the surface whereupon the Cape Gannets dive to feed on them. 

After this amazing encounter, we continued on our way to Seal Island where we anchored and waited in anticipation for sharks. It took a while before excitement erupted on the boat as our first 3.5m shark paid us a visit. After that we had another three Great White sharks visiting the boat.

One interesting event that was entertaining to the crew and guests was a 3.1m shark lunging at a juvenile kelp gull. Most of the guests and crew on board happened to be looking in the right spot at the right time as the shark lunged out of the water, mouth agape, in pursuit of the kelp gull. Great Whites tend to mouth the birds and rarely consume them. Luckily it ended well for the bird and gave a fair bit of excitement to those that had seen the event. 

Throughout the morning, it was extremely interesting observing the different personalities of the sharks. One would be shy and only visit the boat once or twice however others would be curious and interested in the boat and stay around for a long period of time. 

 Two of our guests’ cage dived, and were rewarded with incredible views of the sharks up close.

What made the crew's day were the laughs and giggles we heard coming from the snorkels and the high fives that they gave to one another in the cage after seeing a shark in front of them. 

After spending the morning with some of the most majestic and incredible marine animals, we stopped along the way home to see the dolphins once again. It was an extremely successful and exciting day which was enjoyed by all.  

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Seal Island - False Bay


Armin Riiet

Hi. I'm interested in Cage Diving in the end of September (29-01). Do you do those at False Bay or am I better off in Gansbaai?

Posted on: 3 August 2015

Apex Shark Expeditions

Hi Armin. As we move into September the sharks of False Bay tend to become more interested in hunting than coming up to the boat, which can make cage difficult. That being said there is the chance that they could stay around the boat until the end of our season, which is the end of September. Therefore we can take your booking, and should we see closer to the time that shark activity around the boat is dropping, we can reschedule you with our sister operation in Gansbaai.

Posted on: 4 August 2015

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