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Shark Sightings

Shark Diving Cape Town, South Africa

written by Karyn Cooper

Great white shark l Apex Shark Expeditions

Posted on Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Shark Cage Diving in February

February has not been the best month so far for sea days. The dreaded South Easter with large swells have kept us from launching.  In the past, February was one of the best weather months in Cape Town with very liitle wind. The seasons are changing. 

What we saw on our latest shark cage diving expedition in February


Cape Town Shark Cage Diving

Unfortunatley the weather was not on our side today and we had to cancel our shark dive in Cape Town today. We will be launching tomorrow and there is space on the shark boat so please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Gansbaai Shark Cage Diving

Although the weather conditions were windy and wild we had great encounters with two different species of shark while cage diving in Gansbaai. Namely the one and only Great white sharks and the Bronze whaler sharks AKA the Copper shark. The Great white, although the encounter was brief, he was incredibly majestic and the guests loved seeing this shark. It is becoming increasingly apparent that to see a Great white shark is indeed a privilege as their popoulation numbers are declining at a rapid pace.

The other stars of the show were the Bronze whaler sharks. Almost as beautiful (well, all sharks are beautiful, no matter what shark it is) as the Great white shark. The guests shark dived in the cage with four of these active fish. Their beautiful copper skins glinting in the sunlight. Although the water visiibility was low, all the guests managed to see the sharks from the cage. All thanks to the skilful shark handlers. Thank you! The water temperature was a very cold 12.8 degrees Celcius. Thank goodness for those warm 7mm wetsuits.


Bronze whaler shark splashing down in front of the cage

 The Bronze whaler sharks showed their true colours this morning with some great sightings


Mossel Bay Shark Cage Diving

Unfortunatley this trip was cancelled today due to bad weather. The next trip is scheduled for tomorrow and there is some space available. Please give us a call to book your spot.


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