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Shark Week

written by Monique Fallows

Posted on Monday, 27 February 2012

When is Shark Week

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is a weeklong series of programs that focuses solely on, you guessed it, Sharks! If you are a shark fanatic you pretty much hole up and don’t venture out the house during this week as you engross yourself in both new and old shark documentaries.

Shark week 2012

2012 celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Shark Week and promises to be a bumper celebratory edition.
When is shark week 2012?
Shark week 2012 is between x date and y date…
What are the highlights of shark week 2012?  The highlight of shark week 2012 will be Chris Fallows and Jeff Kurr teaming up once again for the lead show on Sunday night. Filming took place during our False Bay 2011 season and incredible new footage of Great white shark breaching was captured, not to mention a number of new exciting gadgets that gets us closer to white sharks and helping us understand their environment better.

What will Apex be doing for shark week 2012? For shark week 2012 Apex will holding our very own “Shark Week” and Chris Fallows will be hosting Apex’s flagship great white shark expedition. It is prime shark breaching time at Seal Island and the False Bay sharks will hopefully be giving us our own live show! Many shark expedition guests choose this time period as it is peak for white shark predation on Cape Fur seals, truly one of nature’s most spectacular and fascinating events.

Shark week 2011
When was shark week 2011? Shark week 2011 was between 31 July and 6 August 2011 and was hosted by Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live.

What were the highlights of shark week 2011?  The highlights of shark week 2011 were 6 new shows with the two leading shows being “Great White Invasion” and “Jaws comes Home”.

Great White Invasion explores the phenomenon of Great white sharks moving close to shore and the effect is has on sharks, not just people. 

In Jaws comes Home shark scientist Greg Skomal documents the movement of great white sharks along the Eastern Coast of the USA.

What did Apex do for shark week 2011? For shark week 2011 Chris & Monique Fallows from Apex travelled to Guadalupe, a famed Great white shark hot spot off Mexico. Here with Jeff Kurr and his team Chris free dives with white sharks. In fact he was privileged to free dive with up to 4 great whites at one time, it was an incredible experience. Back in Gansbaai, South Africa Chris again proved that it is possible to interact with these animals in safe way when he approached the sharks from a Stand Up paddle board.

Shark week 2010

When was shark week 2010? Shark week 2011 was between 1 to 6 August 2010

What were the highlights of shark week 2010?  Shark Week 2010 was the highest rated Shark Week ever with an estimated audience of 30.8 million viewers over the 7 day period. The highlights of shark week 2010 was undoubtedly “Ultimate Air Jaws” featuring sharks breaching in False Bay South Africa. Ultimate Air Jaws was the #1 rated show on US cable television. With 3.8 million viewers this show became the second highest rated shark documentary of all time.

What did Apex do for shark week 2010? For shark week 2011 Apex was very proud to have facilitated Ultimate Air Jaws which went on to earn an Emmy nomination, a first for Shark Week Discover Channel. And our very own Chris Fallows was the host of the show!

Shark week 2009

When was shark week 2009? Shark week 2009 was between 2 and 9 August.

What were the highlights of shark week 2009?  The highlights of shark week 2009 was the true story about Jaws and Shark After Dark.

What did Apex do for shark week 2009? For shark week 2009 Apex facilitated the breaching great white sharks at night segment in “Shark After Dark”. It is very rare to capture great white sharks breaching at night and the team also dived with the False Bay white sharks in the midnight hours. It was a new perspective on great white shark behaviour.

Shark week 2008

When was shark week 2008? Shark week 2008 was between 27 July to 2 August

What were the highlights of shark week 2008?  Shark week 2008 was t was hosted by Mythbusters and Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs.

Shark week 2007

When was shark week 2007? Shark week 2007 26 July and 2 August
What were the highlights of shark week 2007?  Shark week 2007 was the 20 Year Anniversary for Shark Week and was hosted by Survivorman, Les Stroud.



Over the years Apex has teamed up with Producer Jeff Kurr and Chris Fallows as host for 6 Shark Week shows.

Shark week 2012


This year Discovery Channel will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of shark week.

Shark Week first aired in July 1987 and has now grown into an almost cult like following with millions of viewers each year eagerly awaiting their annual shark fix. Shark Week was initially established to help viewers have a greater understanding and respect for sharks and is now broadcast in over 72 countries and has grown to an estimated audience of over 30 million viewers.

Many Shark Week junkies are inspired to experience sharks for themselves and this is one of the biggest reasons that many of our shark cage diving guests visit us in South Africa.

Shark Week also helps to expose people to sharks who ordinarily do not have the opportunities to travel and spend time with sharks. 


Over the years Apex has teamed up with Producer Jeff Kurr and Chris Fallows as host for 6 Shark Week shows. These include the legendary Air Jaws series (Air Jaws of South Africa, Air Jaws 2 Even Higher and Ultimate Air Jaws), Monster Man with Frank Mundus, Shark After Dark and Great White Invasion.

The original Air Jaws was filmed in False Bay in 2000 and this show certainly proved to the world that breaching great white sharks do exist! In fact when the show was aired to Discovery Executives behind closed doors for the first time, it received a standing ovation. Even though Air Jaws is now 12 years old it still gets shown every year and features in the ratings.

Shark Week has created a huge awareness for sharks around the world. As Shark Week celebrates its 25th Anniversary it has now become the longest running program event on US cable television. As shark populations worldwide decline it is more important than ever for general tv audiences to be exposed to the importance of sharks and their conservation.

























Top 10 Discovery Channel Shark Week shows of all time.


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