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written by Peter MacLaughlin

Posted on Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Hi Chris & Monique,


Settlign back in for the night at SeaSpray but i just had to write and thank you so very, very much for this mornig and this afternoon. I enyojed every minute (even those first nervous minutes in the cage when i couldn't get my snorkel to work and i was panicing, all part of the experience. Your crew did a fantastic job in making me feel safe, welcome and involved adn it was truly an honour to see you at work. Big thanks also to your office/shop staff and bus drivers. 


You'll be happy to know we got many interactions for the afternoon trip, much to the delight of all the divers (i stayed out this time to let the others have a look), tthe skipper saying that he didn't recignise any of them from this mornings visits. we also managed to inadvertantly catch-and-release a small shark who gothold of one of the baits (from meory a striped cathsark, but dont quote me), on of the diving pairs spotted an octubpus eating the lower bait at one point and we're pretty sure we saw a Humpback on the way out to the island. 


I'll be sending through an order when i get home for some of those wonderful breaching photos and maybe even chris's new book too. 


Thanks again for a truly epic day. 

Peter McLaughlin

Your crew did a fantastic job in making me feel safe


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