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written by Emmaline Hardy

Posted on Sunday, 7 March 2010


Hello!!!  I just wanted to send u guys a quick thank you shout.  My father Will and I had a blast two weeks ago diving with you for tho two days at seal island!! I'm so glad u convinced us to do the pelagic dive as well!! I have some great photos from my little underwater camera and tons of memories!!! It was an awe-inspiring experience, one that I'll never forget.  I'm coming back towards the end of August and as soon as i figure out my exact dates, plan on booking  a few more dives with you guys!!! Just fantastic!!  A mate of mine named Marshall  Brown is coming to South Africa for a trip in june and july and I've told him to book with you guys when he gets close to Simons Town.  I do have a few pics I'd like to send you guys when I get them uploaded onto my computer!!  Thanks again so such an amazing time and a very memorable trip.  Oh! And the credit also goes to you guys for changing the opinions of my dad! He now has a new outlook on sharks - a  good one! It was a pleasure to meet ya'll.


Emmaline Hardy

It was an awe-inspiring experience,


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