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written by Mike

Posted on Friday, 27 November 2009

 Hi Chris & Monique

I went out with you back in May 2008. Monique might remember me. I'm from Seattle, Washington and we talked for a bit in the office about her then recent trip here.

I picked up your book and have enjoyed reading and seeing the great photo's. It is the perfect coffee table book because the cover matches the picture of yours I have hanging on the wall. But, imagine my surprise when I turned to page 102. As you can see from the pic I sent, it matches another picture I have hanging on the wall, mine!


Now I'm not going to say what the first thought I had was, but gosh darn it Chris, all those great pictures you have and you had to include THAT one, lol. Thankfully I have the series of that breach since I shot on fast exposure and the metadata or people would think I bought it from you also and not taken it.


Btw, that breach was the highlight of my trip to South Africa.

Thought you might enjoy that story.


that breach was the highlight of my trip to South Africa


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