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written by Warwick

Posted on Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hi Monique & Chris,


I would like to firstly say a huge thank you to you both for an amazing shark experience on that blue and Mako cage dive on the 29th of Dec.  Coming from Harare, we don’t get out to sea too often, as you noticed by my weak constitution, however I have a profound fascination with sharks and have always been intrigued by them.  I did the Great White cage dive in Gaansbaai a few years ago and whilst it was awesome I found your dive more educational and more exhilarating.  You both have such a depth of knowledge and passion of the animals and that comes across on your trip.  I took a few pics above water which I will email to you, however I have no underwater pics, I am not sure if you have contact email addresses of the other guys that were on the trip who had cameras and whether they would be willing to email me a few underwater pics of the Mako’s and Blue’s as I would love to show my wife, and very jealous brother in law who declined on the trip, said it would be too cold, the blouse.



Once again, thank you so much for a most magical experience, and hope to see you soon in the Cape or in Zim, and good luck with Air Jaws 3.




I found your dive more educational and more exhilarating


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