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Shark Trip Reviews


written by Eric & Grace

Posted on Thursday, 15 September 2011

Dear Monique and Chris, Dear Poenes,


It's hard to tell how much we thank you for everything we shared with you for a few days. From the peaceful mornings in Simons Town to the wonders of the powerful, yet so docile at times, Great Whites, we were so happy to be there. The waters and islands around Hong Kong are still beautiful and saturated with legends, myths and hidden dragons, but seem a bit empty and monotonous now, after having spent a few days within sharks, dolphins, whales, and, of course, these too often forgotten cute little guys without whom none of this would happen, the seals. We have a few respectable pictures, and lots of "souvenir" ones, which we still keep to make sure this was not just a dream.


Anyways, thanks so very much to you three, and to the fantastic crew !


We hope to see you again soon !


Eric & Grace

...but seem a bit empty and monotonous now, after having spent a few days within sharks


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