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A Giant otter feeding.

Trip ReportsPosted on: Friday, 30 September 2011

The Pantanal, Brazil

written by Monique Fallows

Chris and I have for many years wanted to visit The Pantanal, the worlds largest inland wetland area. In the 1950s a road was partially built that would connect Brazil and Paraguay. It was never completed but this unfinished road now allows wildli...

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Common dolphins working a bait ball during the Sardine Run in East London.

Trip ReportsPosted on: Monday, 6 June 2011

Apex Sardine Run

written by Monique Fallows

Chris and I were fortunate enough to be hosted by friends for four days on The Sardine Run in 2010. In that time we got to dive on one bait ball for about forty minutes. It was so spectacular being part of a bait ball that we were utterly convince...

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A Snow leopard in the Himalayan Mountains

Trip ReportsPosted on: Thursday, 3 March 2011

Snow Leopard Expedition

written by Monique Fallows

Our Team After a massively hectic six weeks of preparing for this epic wildlife adventure, and hosting a fantastic Sharks of Southern Africa 2011 Expedition, Chris and I were finally on the plane headed for the crazy and notoriously chaotic India...

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A Great White shark up close around Seal Island, False Bay

Trip ReportsPosted on: Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sharks of Southern Africa

written by Monique Fallows

1 - 12 February Every couple of years Chris and I host a special expedition which focuses on finding and diving with as many different shark species that we can find in the Southern Cape. Most people associate Great White sharks with South Africa...

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Shark Sightings Cape Town - Between 3- 5 Sevengill Sharks per trip. Maximum 12 guests. Book a transfer and get a 10 minute COMPLIMENTARY visit to the African Penguins at Boulders.

LATEST SHARK SIGHTINGS 22 January - GANSBAAI 15 Copper sharks, 10 meter water clarity & a water temp of 12.5 C III CAPE TOWN No trip today nor tomorrow. Prior to this 4 Copper shark, Great water clarity at 5 meters with a balmy water temp of 19.9 C III MOSSEL BAY - No sharks. |