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Sharks of Southern Africa

8 - 15 FEBRUARY 2020




The Expedition / Course in Shark Biology in South Africa is operated by Apex Shark Expeditions, owned by Chris and Monique Fallows. The expedition will be hosted by Chris and Monique Fallows with Professor Alessandro De Maddalena, three of the world’s foremost shark experts. This is a very special edition of this course since the participants will have the possibility of encountering 10 species of sharks (great white, blue, shortfin mako, ragged tooth, bronze whaler, smooth hammerhead, spotted gully, striped catshark, leopard catshark, puff adder shy shark) in their habitat and learn about biology, ethology and ecology of these predators. Everyone can dive with the sharks, no scuba qualification is needed. There is space for a maximum of 6 participants. Participants must land at Cape Town Airport, South Africa, and leave from the same airport.

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Transfer from Cape Town airport to Simon’s Town


Morning shark cage diving trip at Seal Island


Blue and mako shark trip off Cape Point.


Transfer from Simon's Town to Hout Bay for seal snorkeling in Hout Bay; Transfer from Hout Bay to Cape Infanta in the afternoon


Ragged tooth / hammerhead / bronze whaler / catshark trip off Cape Infanta or land activities in Cape Infanta. 

Afternoon transfer to Gansbaai for overnight stay.


Great white shark trip in the morning; transfer to Cape Town airport in the afternoon.

NOTE: This itinerary is merely indicative and is subject to change at the discretion of the operator.

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Breede river

We’ll stay 3 days in Simon’s Town, a small town located south of Cape Town, approximately one hour by car from the airport, overlooking False Bay, and 4 days in Cape Infanta, near the mouth of the Breede River, a beautiful green area located east of Cape Town, approximately four hours by car from Simon’ Town. 

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We’ll have 7 night's accommodation twin sharing. We’ll stay 3 night's in Simon’s Town at The Grosvenor ( www.thegrosvenor.co.za ), a group of 4 star bathroom en-suite rooms. We’ll have a large kitchen for the entire group. The Grosvenor is just a 12 minute walk from the harbour where Apex Shark Expeditions’ boat, White Pointer II, is moored, and is very close to Simon’s Town center. It’s possible to have a single room, with a supplement requested in advance.

We’ll also stay 4 nights in Cape Infanta, at The Mudlark ( www.mudlark.co.za ), a beautiful lodge overlooking the Breede River, located 5 minutes by boat from the mouth of the river to the Indian Ocean. The Mudlark is just in front of the pier where Apex Shark Expeditions’ boat, White Pointer I, is moored. We’ll have bedding and towels. The rooms we may have for our group are twin sharing. The rooms have a bathroom en-suite.

Wi-Fi internet connection is available both at The Grosvenor and at The Mudlark. It is important to keep in mind that in South Africa there are power sockets of type M (BS 546 3-pin plugs, 15-A). Adapters can be easily found in stores and supermarkets in South Africa.

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R 39 000.00 per person sharing.

R 41 000.00 single person.


Cost includes:

  • Land transports (from Cape Town airport to Simon’s Town, from Simon’s Town to Hout Bay, from Hout Bay to Cape Infanta, from Cape Infanta to Gansbaai, and from Gansbaai to Cape Town airport)
  • 7 nights accommodation (3 at The Grosvenor in Simon’s Town, and 4 at the Mudlark in Cape Infanta)
  • Course in biology, ethology and ecology of sharks taught by Professor Alessandro De Maddalena
  • 6 trips (weather permitting) to observe sharks and seals and to dive (snorkelling), including 1 trip at Seal Island in False Bay (to observe great white sharks), 1 trip off Cape Point (to observe blue and shortfin mako sharks), 1 trip off Hout Bay (to observe Cape fur seals), 2 trips off Cape Infanta (to observe ragged tooth shark, bronze whaler shark, smooth hammerhead shark, spotted gully shark, striped catshark, leopard catshark, puff adder shy shark), and 1 trip in Gansbaai (to observe great white sharks).
  • 1 land trip to De Hoop Nature Reserve to observe ostriches, zebras, baboons, elands, springboks, bonteboks, etc.
  • Wetsuit and weight belt
  • Dinner, bed and breakfast and lunch at Cape Infanta


Cost excludes:

  • Flights. 
  • Transfers not pertaining to the expedition. 
  • Mask, snorkel, fins, booties, undersuit.
  • Lunch and dinner in Simon's Town.


Number of participants

We need a minimum of 5 guests for this trip to depart and a maximum of 6. 


Bad weather days

When a shark trip is cancelled due to bad weather, there will be no refund, and a half day excursion will be arranged at Cape Point Nature Reserve, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town, Table Mountain, or Breede River Cruise.



Sightings of sharks are not guaranteed. The expedition takes place during the low season for white shark predation on seal in the area. This means that white sharks are not abundant and it is not possible to see them catching Cape fur seals or breaching on the decoy. But we may still see them visiting the boat and the cage. The period is usually excellent to observe the other species of sharks which are the main focus of this special expedition.


Booking and Cancellation

  •  A 50% non-refundable deposit via credit card or EFT upon booking with balance due 120 days before the start of the expedition.
  •  Less than 120 days before start date:100% of the fee.
  •  No show: 100% of the fee.
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Fact Box


The following species have been encountered on previous trips and the likelihood of seeing these sharks is as follows: 

Mako Shark 80% Blue Shark 90%
Ragged Tooth Shark 80% Bronze Whaler 70%
Hammerhead 90% Great White 75%
Seven Gill Shark 80% Spotted Gulley Shark 60%
Leopard Catshark 60% Striped Catshark 80%
Puff Adder Shy Shark 80% Brown Shyshark 60%
Lessor Guitarfish 60%    




Shark species

Great white, blue, shortfin mako, ragged tooth, bronze whaler, smooth hammerhead, spotted gully, striped catshark, leopard catshark, puff adder shy shark.


Other animals

Cape fur seals, southern right and Brydes whales, long-beaked common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, African penguins, etc.



Everyone can cage dive, no scuba qualification is needed. All diving is on snorkel. The cage is going to be used with great white, mako and blue sharks. No cage needed for all other species of sharks.

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