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When making a booking for shark cage diving it is important that you have realistic expectations. If you want to see a specific shark or observe different behaviour, we'll happily advise you on the best times to book for the best chance of seeing that shark or behaviour.

There is a huge variety of other marine wildlife in False Bay and many of these animals are only seen at certain times of the year. There are also good months for seeing multiple species together, but these may be out of peak months for special behaviour. As an example, July is a fantastic month to see the Great Whites hunting seals. It is however, not the best month for seeing dolphins or Southern Right Whales. If you choose mid to late August there is a good chance to see both natural predation Southern Right Whales.

Great White Sharks are highly seasonal creatures. Their movements are mostly dictated by what they feed on.

Generally Great White shark sightings at both Seal Island and in Gansbaai have been well below normal in the past few years with sightings of these rare animals being unpredictable and sporadic.

Mid-June to end July offers a 50% chance to see these beautiful fish.


The Open ocean is a realm that is visited by few. It is in this inky blue world of free ranging nomads where two great shark species, the Mako and Blue sharks, ply their trade. Scenery is breath taking as you pass Cape Point and The Cape of Good Hope and it not long before you see your first albatross as you head out into the open ocean.

During the months of November to March the current generally moves closer to the Cape Point area making this the high season for diving with these sharks.

Curious, sometimes bold, and incredibly beautiful, Mako and Blue sharks are the apex predators of the open ocean.

An extraordinary species of shark, the Seven Gill Shark has suddenly become a frequently encountered species in our area at Seal Island and we are seeing them all year round.

The Seven Gill Shark is an ancient, large, highly predatory shark growing upwards of 10 feet in length. It is a rarely seen Apex Predator whose lineage dates back over 150 million years and diving with one is in effect diving with a modern dinosaur.

These sharks are highly interactive around the cage allowing guests excellent viewing opportunities and longer cage time.


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Our Eco-System Approach.

What are your chances of seeing sharks and other wildlife?

Sharks are wild animals and free to roam wherever they please. Each shark has its own personality - some choose to interact and some don't. We do our absolute best to find sharks on each trip, but we cannot force the sharks to appear at our boat. False Bay, however, does offer fantastic opportunities to see sharks all year round.

Shark Cage Diving - Seal Island - Sightings Disclaimer - Apex Shark Expeditions


Apex Shark Expeditions prides itself on having an "entire ecosystem" approach to our expeditions, not focusing on any one species. We want you to enjoy False Bay and all it has to offer, not just the sharks. If you wish to read up on what is truly special about our area have a look at the various scientific papers we have written, check out our scientific research papers.

Our guests are encouraged to approach each of our expeditions with enthusiasm and curiosity. We're confident in our knowledge and ability to show you as much of what False Bay has to offer as possible.

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