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Great White Shark

Afternoon Trip

Sharks Up Close And Personal

Shark Cage diving at Seal Island departing Simon's Town

Allow us to give you a breath-taking look into the Great White shark’s life and ecosystem. We offer South Africa’s most personalised Shark cage diving experience. Join us for an intimate afternoon diving with and surface viewing sharks.

QUICK info

  • Meeting:

    11H30 + - in Simon’s Town, 45 minutes from Cape Town. Exact time is confirmed the day before the trip. 

  • Transfer:

    Door to door transfers arranged upon request.

  • Duration:

     3 to 4 hours at sea depending on sea conditions and shark activity.    

  • Guests:

     Maximum of 12 guests, plus 4 crew. 

  • Cage size:

     4 divers – No experience required. Cage time is dependent on shark activity.

  • Trip includes:

    Coffee / tea, passionate crew, educational booklet, dive gear, towels,  light meal, snacks & refreshments.

Our guests receive personal and preferential treatment. As such, each Great white tour accommodates a maximum of 12 guests. This gives us the opportunity to pass on our knowledge and passion for the sharks and the area. A smaller group also allows for better viewing opportunities and a longer cage dive. 


Whilist we enjoy sightings of Great white sharks and Sevengill sharks at Seal Island as well as Mako & Blue sharks off Cape Point, sightings of Great white sharks has been unpredictable and sporadic since 2017. At Apex we endeavour to offer the best possible shark diving and shark viewing experience based on the greatest abundance of any of the above mentioned species.  By being flexible we have the best chance of guaranteeing you a fantastic and memorable shark interaction rather than just a fleeting glimpse if we offered just one species.


All of the species we focus on are large, powerful and active predators sure to give you an incredible once in a lifetime experience.


All trips will be confirmed the day before and will be based on weather conditions rather than species availability.


COVID-19 Protocol

Safety is our # 1 Priority

Apex Shark Expeditions is committed to protecting staff and guests to ensure the safety of each and every person. As such, we are following the government regulations as outlined here

Book with Confidence Terms

If travel restrictions are implemented by your local government or the government of South Africa due to COVID 19 (Coronavirus) which means you are unable to travel, then FREE cancellation applies  up to 14 days before trip date.

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Please note:

Wildlife sightings cannot be guaranteed.

We will however, give you realistic expectations before making a booking

Bookings are essential as space is limited.

All payment is to be made in South African Rand. We require credit card details to secure a booking.


Great White Shark

Afternoon Trip

Sharks Up Close And Personal

Great White Shark – Afternoon Trip : Mid June / July

We treat these animals with the utmost respect with our focus on a natural interaction with the sharks. On most days we observe a number of sharks around the boat and surface viewing and cage diving are good. 

11H30 + -

Meet the crew at the Apex Shark Expeditions shop in Simon's Town.

Guests are welcomed aboard White Pointer II. A full safety and weather briefing is given before departure.


Depart for Seal Island which is a 25 to 35 minute boat ride depending on weather and sea conditions.


Arrive at Seal Island.

Based on the weather, we will decide on the best spot to weigh anchor and begin attracting sharks to the vessel. The cage is then deployed, where it floats next to our vessel.

Once a shark approaches our boat, bait is kept in the water to keep the shark around long enough for identification, viewing and cage diving purposes. At no point are the sharks purposefully fed or handled and all efforts are made to prevent the sharks from making contact with our vessel.

If the weather conditions are favourable, guests will be readied for cage diving. Safety precautions and operational procedures are then explained to any guest wishing to enter the cage. It is important to know that the sharks come very close to the boat so it is not necessary to dive in order to see them. Those not wishing to dive will still have excellent views of the Great White Shark.

16H00 + -

Snacks accompanied by soft drinks, fruit juice and bottled water are available throughout the afternoon.

16H30 +-

White Pointer 11 will return to the harbour, weather and shark activity dictating.

Great White Shark

Afternoon Trip

Sharks Up Close And Personal

When to see what

The peak season for Great White Sharks at Seal Island, False Bay departing Simon’s Town is mid June / July. 

Great White Shark

Mid June / July

The Great white shark sightings were highly variable in 2019 especially in False Bay. That said, due to our flexible options of booking in all 3 areas, we can advise on the best location that will give you the best shark encounter possible. Historically mid June to end of July is the best time period for Great white sharks at Seal Island

White Shark Cage Diving

August - Mid-June

February was historically the beginning of the Great White season as the sharks began to return to Seal Island from their summer inshore area. However the last few years, Great White shark sightings at both Seal Island and in Gansbaai have been well below normal with sightings of these rare animals being unpredictable and sporadic during this period. 

On days when Great Whites are not seen another extraordinary species of shark, the Seven Gill Shark has suddenly become a frequently encountered species in our area.

The Seven Gill Shark is an ancient, large, highly predatory shark growing upwards of 10 feet in length. It is a rarely seen Apex Predator whose lineage dates back over 150 million years and diving with one is in effect diving with a modern dinosaur.


DISCOUNT - From R1500 per person for South African residents only. FREE cancellation 48 hours prior to trip.(T & C apply)

WE ARE OPEN! 40% DISCOUNT for South African residents. WE ARE OPEN . Email us for YOUR special rate. WE ARE OPEN. Book with Confidence - Free cancellation 48 hours prior to trip date.(T & C apply) |