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Great White




Catch the Sharks in action at Sunrise

Shark Cage diving Seal Island, Simon's Town

Apex Shark Expeditions morning shark tours offers guests a chance to observe natural predation, and experience shark cage diving - all on one trip. We take small groups of no more than 12 guests, allowing each guest excellent viewing opportunities as we share our knowledge and passion for these creatures. Guests can book a day trip or a longer more specialised expedition. 


QUICK info

  • Morning:

    June/July: Natural predation and shark cage diving.

  • Meeting:

    Approximately 06H30 in Simon’s Town, 45 minutes from Cape Town. Exact time confirmed the day before the trip.

  • Transfer:

    Door to door transfers arranged on request.

  • Duration:

    3 to 4 hours at sea.

  • Guests:

    Maximum 12 guests, plus 4 crew.

  • Cage size:

    5 divers – No experience required. Cage time is dependent on shark activity.

  • Trip includes:

    Coffee / tea, light breakfast, passionate crew, educational booklet, dive gear, towels, light lunch, snacks & refreshments.

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Please note:

Wildlife sightings cannot be guaranteed.

We will however, give you realistic expectations before making a booking

Bookings are essential as space is limited.

All payment is to be made in South African Rand. We require credit card details to secure a booking.


Great White




Catch the Sharks in action at Sunrise

Itinerary: Mid June / July

As winter rolls in and the seal colony blossoms, the sharks begin to change their behaviour and begin actively hunting Cape Fur seal pups. These months are best to view natural predation events.


Meet the crew at the Apex Shark Expeditions shop. After a light breakfast, we will deliver a full safety and weather briefing aboard White Pointer II before departure.


Depart for Seal Island which is a 25 to 35 minute boat ride based on sea and weather conditions.


Arrive at Seal Island.

We arrive early as this is the optimum time to view the sharks actively hunting the Cape Fur seals. Our data indicates that half an hour before sunrise to one and a half hours after sunrise is the best time to witness this natural event.

Once the hunting quietens down and based on what the weather is doing, we will decide on the best spot to weigh anchor and begin attracting sharks to the vessel. The cage is then deployed, where it floats next to our vessel.

Once a shark approaches our boat, bait is kept in the water to keep the shark around long enough for identification, viewing and cage diving purposes. At no point are the sharks purposefully fed or handled and all efforts are made to prevent the sharks from coming into contact with our vessel.

If the weather conditions are favourable, guests will be readied for cage diving. Safety precautions and operational procedures are then explained to any guest wishing to enter the cage. It is important to know that the sharks come very close to the boat so it is not necessary to dive in order to see them. Those not wishing to dive will still have excellent views of the Great White Shark.

A light lunch (including a vegetarian option), accompanied by soft drinks, fruit juice, bottled water and a variety of snacks are available throughout the course of the morning.

11H00 + -

White Pointer II will arrive back in Simon’s Town Harbour depending on the weather conditions and shark activity.

Tea and coffee are available at our home base in Simon’s Town. Take this opportunity to browse through our unique range of shark-related merchandise.

Great White




Catch the Sharks in action at Sunrise

Best time of Year

The best time of year for Great White Sharks at Seal Island, False Bay departing Simon’s Town is mid June / July.

Mid June/  July is the peak season for Great White Shark activity at Seal Island. This period sees heightened levels of predation. This is what makes Seal Island, False Bay famous. Nowhere in the world will you see this behaviour as frequently and consistently than at Seal Island, False Bay over this period.

In addition to having good opportunities of observing predation, there is cage diving and surface viewing. This is all in one trip!

February to mid June, August and September

February was historically the beginning of the Great White season as the sharks began to return to Seal Island from their summer inshore area. However the last few years, Great White shark sightings at both Seal Island and in Gansbaai have been well below normal with sightings of these rare animals being unpredictable and sporadic during this period. Therefore these months after a 50/50 chance of a Great White encounter.

On days when Great Whites are not seen another extraordinary species of shark, the Seven Gill Shark has suddenly become a frequently encountered species in our area.

The Seven Gill Shark is an ancient, large, highly predatory shark growing upwards of 10 feet in length. It is a rarely seen Apex Predator whose lineage dates back over 150 million years and diving with one is in effect diving with a modern dinosaur.


Great White




Catch the Sharks in action at Sunrise

full day combos

A) Morning Shark trip + Afternoon Cape Point Tour

We offer a combination morning shark cage diving trip PLUS a visit to see the African Penguin colony at Boulders Beach and a tour of Cape Point Nature Reserve. Services include hotel door to door transfers.    


Pick up from your hotel. Exact time to be confirmed the day before your trip.

Your morning shark trip itinerary here.


Lunch in Simon’s Town or en route and depart earlier.


About 5 minutes outside of Simon’s Town, you will reach the Boulders Beach Penguin Colony – Home to 3000 African Penguins. Experience these delightful birds up close in their own habitat.


Thereafter wind your way through beautiful scenery to Cape Point. Breathe the crisp clean air of the ocean as you take in some incredible views. The area is of rich cultural and historical significance and includes monuments to early explorers such as Vasco da Gama and Bartolomeu Dias. The Two Oceans Restaurant located here is a good option for an early lunch.



*Lunch is not included in this package.

*This tour rate is based on a minimum of two guests. Should you be a solo traveler, we can offer you the tour portion of this trip should you wish to pay twice the amount for the tour.

*Boulders Beach and Penguin entrance fees are not included in the tour rate. It is not necessary to enter the facility as the penguins are easily viewed from the boardwalk. This stop is usually +- 10 minutes due to time constraints.

*Please request a quotation for a private tour.

B) Morning Shark Trip + Afternoon Constantia Winelands Tour

Sipping on fine wines while taking in the Cape’s scenic beauty is the perfect way to spend the afternoon after the excitement of a morning great white shark cage dive.


Pick up from your hotel. Exact time to be confirmed the day before your trip. Your morning shark trip itinerary takes place.


Arrive at Constantia winelands, a picturesque valley nestled beneath Table Mountain. Constantia is the oldest wine producing region in the Southern Hemisphere with an uninterrupted history of wine making. This tour includes a cellar tour and two tastings.


Transfer back to hotel.

Confused about the Current Shark Situation and which location to book? Check out our Current Sightings Blog. Book a transfer and get a 10 minute FREE visit to the African Penguins at Boulders.