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Shark Cage Diving

Cape Town

All Year Round

Half Day trips, 45 minutes from Cape Town - All Year Round


We operate half day shark tours ALL YEAR round to either Seal Island or Cape Point as both offer very different opportunities and visibility. Possible shark species can include Seven gill sharks, Mako Sharks, Blue sharks and Great white sharks.

The location for the day will be determined by the best shark activity and sea conditions and will be confirmed with you the day before your trip.

Whales, dolphins and many species of sea birds are often encountered on this adventurous expedition. As we adopt an eco-system style of operating our trips, going to sea with Apex is like going on a safari game drive and we will try to take in as much marine wildlife as possible on our trips.

The departure point, Simon’s Town, is only 45 minutes from Cape Town, 15 minutes from the Cape of Good Hope and only 2 minutes from Boulders Beach Penguin Colony.

QUICK info

  • Meeting:

    Anywhere from between 06h30 - 10h00am for the first launch.

    The second launch meeting is anywhere between 10h00 - 14h00pm.

    The meeting times are subject to change based on weather, sightings and how many trips are scheduled for the day and the exact time will be confirmed with you the afternoon before your trip.

  • Transfers:

    Door to door transfers arranged upon request. 

  • Duration:

    Half day trips - 3 to 4 hours at sea.

  • Guest Numbers:

    Maximun of 12 guests.

  • Cage Size:

    5 divers 

  • Includes:

    Light breakfast, tea/coffee, light lunch  (wraps) snacks and refreshments. 

    Dive gear.


    Educational book.


Please note:

Wildlife sightings cannot be guaranteed.

We will however, give you realistic expectations before making a booking

Bookings are essential as space is limited.

All payment is to be made in South African Rand. We require credit card details to secure a booking.


Shark Cage Diving

Cape Town

All Year Round

1st Launch


Meet the crew at the Apex Shark Expeditions shop. After a light breakfast, we will deliver a full safety and weather briefing aboard White Pointer II before departure.


Depart for Seal Island which is a 25 to 35 minute boat ride based on sea and weather conditions.


Arrive at Seal Island.

Based on what the weather is doing, we will decide on the best spot to weigh anchor and begin attracting sharks to the vessel. The cage is then deployed, where it floats next to our vessel.

Once a shark approaches our boat, bait is kept in the water to keep the shark around long enough for identification, viewing and cage diving purposes. At no point are the sharks purposefully fed or handled and all efforts are made to prevent the sharks from coming into contact with our vessel.

If the weather conditions are favourable, guests will be readied for cage diving. Safety precautions and operational procedures are then explained to any guest wishing to enter the cage. It is important to know that the sharks come very close to the boat so it is not necessary to dive in order to see them. Those not wishing to dive will still have excellent views of the Sharks.

A light lunch (including a vegetarian option), accompanied by soft drinks, fruit juice, bottled water and a variety of snacks are available throughout the course of the morning.


White Pointer II will arrive back in Simon’s Town Harbour depending on the weather conditions and shark activity.

Tea and coffee are available at our home base in Simon’s Town. Take this opportunity to browse through our unique range of shark-related merchandise.

The total duration at sea is +- 4 hours.

2nd Launch


Same itinerary as the first launch.

Shark Cage Diving

Cape Town

All Year Round

When to see what

When making a booking for shark cage diving it is important that you have realistic expectations. If you want to see a specific shark, we'll happily advise you on the best times to book for the best chance of seeing that shark species. Check out the latest sightings here


Seven Gill Cow Shark

Seven Gill sharks are seen between the months of August to mid-June and are the ancient undertakers of the sea.

Growing to at least 10 feet these massive sharks with their disproportionately large heads filled with heavily serrated hex comb cutting teeth are the dinosaurs of the deep. There are few places on earth where they occur in shallow water with reasonable visibility. Seal Island is one such venue and this is one of the great shark species we see on many of our expeditions to this famous Island that has been the subject of so many documentaries.

Great White Shark

From mid-June to end July is the best time of the year for natural predation activity as it reaches its peak and we can see multiple events in the mornings. Shark activity around the boat iis good which allows for excellent cage diving.

February to May, August and September, there is a 50/50 success rate to see these sharks at Seal Island.

Blue and Mako Shark

The Open ocean is a realm that is visited by few. It is in this inky blue world of free ranging nomads where two great shark species, the Mako and Blue sharks, ply their trade. Scenery is breath taking as you pass Cape Point and The Cape of Good Hope and it not long before you see your first albatross as you head out into the open ocean.

During the months of November to March the current generally moves closer to the Cape Point area making this the high season for diving with these sharks.

Curious, sometimes bold, and incredibly beautiful, Mako and Blue sharks are the apex predators of the open ocean.

Common Dolphin

Common Dolphins pods are usually seen from March to July and can be seen feeding on bait fish .Occasionally Bottlenose and Dusky dolphins are also seen.


May is the month which we have encountered these animals mostly however they are seen in other months.

Southern Right Whale 

August to November: Up to 3,500 Southern Right whales mate and give birth along the South African coast. Humpback whales may also occasionally be seen.

Brydes Whale

These whales are endemic and can be seen all year round

African Penguin

All year round. Boulders Beach is home to 3,500 African Penguins and we pass by this colony en route to Seal Island or Cape Point and often encountering hunting parties of penguins out on feeding sorties.

Cape Fur Seal

All year round.

Please remember that this is a guideline only and that sightings on any trip can never be guaranteed - we're sure you'll appreciate that working with sharks is as wild as it comes! 


Note: Day before confirmation and shark species will depend on weather conditions. All trips are confirmed weather dependent and are not shark species dependent.


Confused about the Current Shark Situation and which location to book? Check out our Current Sightings Blog. Book a transfer and get a 10 minute FREE visit to the African Penguins at Boulders.