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Shark Week in South Africa

10 - 15 June 2021

A tour for Great White Shark Lovers

Since its premiere in 1998, the Discovery Channel has made waves in a week-long TV programming event dedicated to sharks, now an iconic week in popular culture. This Shark Week expedition in South Africa is designed for Shark Week fans and lovers of Great White Sharks who want to visit and explore the historical sites associated with these amazing shark documentaries.

The four famous great white shark hotspots in South Africa are Seal Island, Gansbaai. Mossel Bay and recently discovered, Robberg.  (Air Jaws Strikes Back - Shark Week 2019)

Under the expert guidance of Apex Shark Expeditions, co-host and narrator of many of the Air Jaws documentaries and other shows seen on Shark Week, we’ll take you to the locations for a behind the scenes tour. Meet the Great White shark* and the shark whisperers* who have starred in these shows over the last two decades.

* Subject to availability.

Shark Week in South Africa

10 - 15 June 2021

Historical Shark Week Tour

10 Jun

Arrive at Cape Town airport where you will be transferred to your guest house in Simon’s Town, one hour from the airport. The guest house is where the Shark Week Discovery Channel crew have stayed when filming at Seal Island. 

06H30 - 13H00
11 Jun

Today is your first of 2 shark cage diving morning trips to Seal Island in False Bay.  We see a variety of shark species and these can include the Great White and the cow shark.

In 2000, producer Jeff Kurr of Discovery’s Shark Week, travelled to South Africa hoping to capture the incredible breaching technique of the Great White Sharks that breached off Seal Island in False Bay. Recording this behaviour was a television first.

In the afternoon, we'll take you behind the scenes of shark week by viewing the first vessel ever used to shoot a breaching shark and to see some of the props used in the filming of the Air Jaws series.


06H30 - 17H00
12 Jun

Shark Cage dive morning trip to Seal Island.  

See the Ring Of Death (where the sharks circle the island) first hand, so called as it has been shown that if the seals enter the "Ring of Death" on the surface instead of at the murky bottom, they are more likely to be picked off by the faster and more aggressive sharks.

We'll depart for Mossel Bay at lunchtime. It is a 5 hour drive before checking into our accommodation.

06H30 to 17H00
13 Jun

We'll start the day off with a shark cage dive in Mossel Bay before heading to Robberg to spot patrolling Great white sharks off the cliffs. Robberg was the set for Air Jaws Strikes Back - Shark Week 2019.



08H00 - 21H00
14 Jun

A sunrise breaching trip is scheduled for this morning. We will tow the decoy to illicit this behaviour however there is never a guarantee. 

After breakfast, we will depart for Gansbaai, the Great White Shark Capital of the World which is approx. 3 - 4 hour drive.

Check into the Saxon Lodge Guest house where yet again, the Discovery channel crew have stayed when filming in this location. 

Have a drink in the Saxon Arms where many an interview on Shark Week has taken place. 

Over the next day, meet and chat to the personalities behind Shark Week and the Shark Cage Diving industry in Gansbaai dating back to the early 1990's. Personalities are subject to availability (according to busy schedules) but could include Andre Hartman who in a Discovery Channel documentary in 2004 known as "Great White Sharks: Uncaged" is filmed free diving with with several great white sharks, Dickie Chivell who featured on Shark Week's 2016's Shallow Water Invasion. Chivell is seen in the HORNET with a great white shark breaching next to it, and Alison Towner, who has featured on many shark week shows, the lastest being Air Jaws Strikes Back.




08H00 - 18H00
15 June

Morning Great White Shark trip. We’ll depart for Cape Town hereafter with an ETA of 18H00. Your drop off at the airport or Cape Town and surrounds is included in your package.


Image: Dickie Chivell taking a ride on a shark-shaped decoy in shark-infested waters. 

From Air Jaws: Fins of Fury, Shark Week 2014


Shark Week in South Africa

10 - 15 June 2021

Ring of Death, Shark Alley, Seal Island to Robberg

Seal Island, False Bay

Seal Island is a small island located 3.5 miles off the northern beaches of False Bay, near Cape Town, in South Africa. The island is so named because of the great number of Cape fur seals that occupy it. It is home to Cape and Bank Cormorants and a few African penguins. A radar mast was built on the island during World War II by a crew who lived in prefabricated huts for the duration of the construction but this tower gradually succumbed to corrosion and was blown over in a winter storm in 1970. All that remains of it is rusty, twisted metal. Some rock inscriptions made by sealers in the 1930s are still evident. The dense population of seals at certain times of the year attracts the seal's main predator, the Great White shark.  What makes Seal Island and the adjacent waters famous is it provides rare opportunities for those who wish to witness attacks by great white sharks on the Cape Fur Seal and to observe social interactions amongst creatures of both species. The island is well known for the interesting way the sharks grab their prey: a shark launching an attack will come up from underneath and hurl itself out of the water with the seal in its mouth. The last couple of years has seen a decline in Great White shark in this area however when we are not seeing Great White sharks, we are seeing other species of shark including the Cow Shark.

 Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay is a coastal village and harbour on the world famous Garden Route, some 400km from Cape Town. The origin of the name Mossel Bay (the Bay of Mussels) has to do with the ascendancy of the Dutch shipping merchants in the late 16th and the early 17th Centuries. Seal Island is just 2km off the harbour. It's a natural island where the seals are protected from culling. The island is only 100m long and 50m wide and there are about 4 000 seals living there currently. The adult seals generally move from this tiny island towards the west coast in search of more food. This location delivers good breaching behaviour as well as cage diving with Great White sharks.

Great White Sharks, Robberg, South Africa l Apex Shark Expeditions

Robberg Peninsula, Plettenburg Bay

Eight kilometres from Plettenberg Bay, a pretty peninsula named the Robberg points like a finger into the ocean. On its western flanks, waves pound like fists against rugged rust-coloured cliffs while on the eastern side the sea is mostly calm. The nearby sounds of waves, gulls and seals enhance an atmosphere already heavy with magic. Here whales like to play, as do dolphins, seagulls, seals and of course, Great White sharks. We'll stand atop Robberg and peer down to the Great white sharks as they patrols in search of seals. We may be fortunate to witness a predatory event.

Shark Alley, Gansbaai

 Dyer Island, Geyser Rock and Shark Alley

Dyer Island is the largest of a group of islands about 5 miles offshore from Gansbaai and less than that from Danger Point peninsula. It is named after Samson Dyer, an emigrant from the USA to the Cape Colony in 1806, who lived on the island collecting guano which he sold to mainlanders as fertilizer. The island is home to a declining colony of African Penguins (ca. 5000 individuals in 2015).

Geyser Rock is a smaller island nearby, and is home to around 60,000 Cape Fur Seals.

The shallow channel between the two islands is famously known as "Shark Alley". Many a shark documentary has been shot in this location with the likes of Andre Hartman and another well know personality, Mike Rutzen. Mike has spent more time free diving with Great White sharks than possibly any other person [and is one of the few people in the world that understand and respond to Great White shark behaviour and body language.[Both Andre and Mike still live in the small town of Kleinbaai close to Shark Alley, This location is usually good for cage diving with Great White Sharks.



Shark Week in South Africa

10 - 15 June 2021

Close to the Sharkiest Oceans

False Bay, Simon’s Town (Cape Town) 

Located on the mountainside of Simon's Town, the Grosvenor Guest House offers guests 4 Star accommodation with stunning views across the bay and harbour. A short walk into town gives you access to our shop and launch site.

Each guest will have their own en-suite room. Facilities include Wi-Fi, Satellite TV, a safe, laundry services and a well equipped kitchen. For more information visit: www.thegrosvenor.co.za



Great White Shark accommodation, Cape Town l Apex shark Expeditions

Mossel Bay (Garden Route) 

Mossel Bay's Point Village Hotel is located a few metres from the Indian Ocean, at the end of Mossel Bay’s peninsula, and 1 km from Mossel Bay harbour and town centre. The spacious rooms offer partial bay views.

All accommodation options include a flat-screen TV. Standard rooms have a small kitchenette, and the self-catering apartments have a fully equipped kitchen.

Gansbaai (Overberg Region) 

Situated above the Gansbaai Harbour, the 4 star Saxon Lodge offers guest uninterrupted views of Walker Bay and the Hottentots Hollands Mountains and the opportunity to observe a working harbour in action as trawler boats leave and return with their catch.

The rooms are luxury en-suite with an on-site pub and restaurant, splash pool, communal lounge and WiFi.


NOTE: Both The Grosvenor and Saxon Lodge are home to Shark Week crew when they have been filming on location. Live Shark Week just as the film crew do.

Accommodation options are subject to availability.



Shark Week in South Africa

10 - 15 June 2021

Terms & conditions


R 26 275.00 per person sharing.

R 29 955.00 per person single. 

Cost includes

  • Airport transfers.
  • Road transfers pertaining to the expedition.
  • Accommodation.
  • Daily shark trips.
  • Light breakfast.
  • Snacks and refreshments on board all trips.
  • Diving gear. 
  • Dive Towels.

Cost excludes

  • Flights.
  • Lunch & dinner. There are light meals served on some of the shark trips.
  • Transfers not pertaining to the expedition. 

Number of participants

We need a minimum of 6 guests for this trip to depart and a maximum of 12. The expedition will default to a custom package should the minimum number of guests not be met. Should the guest wish to visit all the locations, they will need to pay extra for the transport costs.

The shark trips may include scheduled guests in order to keep the expedition costs to a minimum. 

Bad weather days

Should bad weather prevent us from proceeding with a trip, an excursion will be arranged at no additional cost. There are no refunds for bad weather days. 


We are dealing with wild animals, and even though we offer this expedition in our peak shark season, sightings cannot be guaranteed. Refunds are therefore not considered in the event of non-sightings. Due to variable weather conditions and shark activity, diving may not always be possible. 

The same can be said for the shark week personalities. We will do our best to get you in front of the people who have starred in Shark Week, however this is subject to availability and no one person can be guaranteed. 


This is a 5 day jam packed itinerary. There is a fair amount of distance covered via road.

Booking and cancellation

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit via wire transfer upon booking with balance due 120 days before the start of the expedition.
  • Less than 120 days before start date:100% of the fee.
  • No show: 100% of the fee.
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